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Tread Lightly! Membership

Are you a Tread Lightly! member? Are you aware that becoming a Tread Lightly! member carries certain benefits? Tread Lightly! offers three different membership options (one-year, three-year, lifetime) to choose from. Each level of membership includes different gifts and benefits. … Continue reading

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Because Sometimes, It’s the Little Things…

Stewardship (noun): the conducting, supervising, or managing of something; especially : the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care <stewardship of natural resources> Here we stand.  It’s mid-summer.  Hopefully everyone has been taking any available chance to get outside…  Camping, riding, … Continue reading

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Tread Lightly! works with newest Alliance Partner Sun Valley Adaptive Sports

Sun Valley, Idaho Over the Fourth of July holiday week Tread Lightly’s Education and Stewardship team was in Ketchum, Idaho for a week of Tread Trainer courses, outdoor ethics awareness workshops, and educational outreach.  Below our Education and Stewardship Programs … Continue reading

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Welcome to the team, Agata!

Tread Lightly! is proud to welcome our newest Membership Development Manager and full-time team member, Agata Ketterick. Tread Lightly! has chosen Agata for her experience in the field and passion for advocating outdoor ethics programs. In 2009, she acquired a … Continue reading

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