Our friend Lightfoot teaches kids about responsible outdoor recreation!

The Tread Lightly! educational department is proud to offer the updated TL! Kids website Lightfoot Fishingin 2014.

Thanks to the generosity of the United States Forest Service we are able to provide engaging games and activities designed to educate youth about taking an active role of stewardship for the places they enjoy in nature.

Join our friend Lightfoot and his buddies to learn more about the TREAD program principles and how to enjoy the out of doors safely and responsibly for many generations to come.

For more information please visit the new website at www.tlkids.org and share with your friends and family before your next adventure to the great outdoors.

 All the best,

Tread Lightly! Education and Stewardship Department

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Winter In The Desert

Have you ever seen snow in the desert? It is different than the snow in the mountains or in the city. It makes a desolate land peaceful. The white glimmering crystals mixed with the rough red rock create a terrain of perfection.


I encourage everyone to go down to Southern Utah and view this spectacle for yourselves. A small hike or even just a drive through these memorable landscapes will remind you how awesome this environment can be and how it needs to be preserved.

If you do decide to take a hike, remember to stay on the designated trails. Even if we can’t see it, there are still sensitive areas under the snow. These areas could be crushed or destroyed by a stray boot.

To learn more about taking care of our environment and traveling safely, you can view Tread Lightly!’s five principles. So get out there and enjoy the snow! And remember to always Tread Lightly!

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Pure Powder

The snow is piling up here on the Wasatch Front and it’s time to break out our sleds, beacons and boards to go have some winter time fun.

Many of us venture into the backcountry and travel out of bounds in search of hidden powder fields–the ones that make a wintersport enthusiast smile like a kid on Christmas day. With the fun and work that comes when getting into your favoriteImage area a person must remember to do their part and bring with them the essential safety gear that may save your life, or the life of your friends.

Anyone who has ever seen the power of an avalanche knows that in an instant the best run of your life can turn into the last run of your life.  Most of us know the potential danger we put ourselves in when we head out on a sled, or on foot. For some, the danger is part of the appeal, but no one has to lose their lives. Please remember to train for potentially dangerous situations, have good situational awareness and understand the conditions you may find while on your sled, or on your board. Know how to use your shovel, beacon and probe. Check with your local land managers to ensure an area is open.

Always have fun and Tread Lightly!. For more information on how to become a member of Tread Lightly! and protect the outdoor recreation you love please visit TreadLightly.org

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Tread Lightly! Unveils Newly Re-Designed Outdoor Education Website for Kids

Tread Lightly! recently re-launched their kids website, tlkids.org. This interactive site offers several fun activities for children that Imagereinforce and education responsible outdoor ethics.

With increasing concerns about childhood obesity and nature deficit disorder, there has never been a more critical time to connect children with the great outdoors. We hope this site will help launch kids from the computer straight onto their trails.

Parents and educators also have free, downloadable educational activities at their fingertips. Now is the time to join Lightfoot for mazes, storytime, coloring and even more!

Click for more on this site! 

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Looking back over 2013 with Tread Lightly!

As the year wraps up, we here at Tread Lightly! would like to thank all of our supporter throughout 2013. Your time investment and financial contributions are vital to sustaining our organization. We hope 2014 will be an even better year!

Here are some of our biggest accomplishments and highlights in 2013 that were made possible by you!

Boy Scout Jamboree


Evan and Jerrica with Woodsy Owl and Smoky the Bear.

Tread Lightly! had the privilege to join in the National Boy Scout Jamboree in West Virginia this year. This even brings thousands of Boy Scouts, Adventurers and leaders together for a week of exciting activities. Evan and Jerrica were able to share the Tread Lightly! message with many troupes and guide scouts through an outdoor ethics trail where scouts were quizzed on best practices outdoors.

Over 2,000 New Members

We have now reached over 47,000 supporters! We hope this number will grow even more in 2014. We also have 180 new Tread Trainers and Master Tread Trainers all across the country!

Cleanup at Jordanelle State Park for Get Outdoors day!


Kari and Lacy clean up at Jordanelle State Park.

Volunteers and the Tread Lightly! staff teamed up at Jordanelle State Park in Northern Utah for National Get Outdoors Day. We scoured the park for trash and at the end of the day threw away several heaping trash bags.

eBay Auction

The Sixth Annual Tread Lightly! Auction on eBay was a big hit this year. We had nearly 200 donations from some of the top companies in the outdoor recreation industry. A big thanks to those who bid on our items! We raised nearly $20,000!

New Kid’s Site

Lightfoot made a triumphant comeback on tlkids.org! This site is a fun and interactive way to teach kids about responsible outdoor recreation! We hope you’ll share it with your kids and students!

We also have some exciting plans for 2014, including:

  • New PSAs
  • New educational campaigns in Wyoming and Arizona
  • Poison Spider Mesa trail restoration project in Moab, Utah.

And much more! If you would like to get involved with Tread Lightly! Please check out our website. Even better, become a member or make a donation. Your financial contributions will directly fund our future projects and members qualify to apply for grants for local cleanup projects. 

Happy Holidays!

–Tread Lightly! Team

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Happy Holidays From The Ride On Utah Campaign!

Salt Lake City, Utah –

The Ride On Utah campaign recently offered a Master Tread Trainer (MTT) course hosted by the Off Highway Vehicle department Agency staff at the Department of Natural Resources building. The early December course was sponsored by the educational campaign and was free of charge to Utah residents and Agency staff.


Chris Haller and his course co -participants during a course exercise discussing the past 100 years of land management and outdoor ethics educational programs such as Tread Lightly!.

Attendees on the course were trained on how to educate others in the outdoor recreation community about the value of outdoor ethics and stewardship while accessing public lands and enjoying their favorite outdoor recreational activities safely and responsibly here in the Beehive state.

Participants on the course were asked how the training impacted their abilities to engage others around outdoor ethics. Chris Haller, Utah State Parks Off-highway Vehicle Program Coordinator  said  -“As a recent graduate of the Ride On Utah Master Tread Trainer Course, I have been able to use many of the topics covered to educate those visiting our public lands.  The skills that were presented on this course have assisted me in becoming more articulate within the motorized community.  Upon being a co-instructor for the Ride On Utah MTT course on December 5, 2013, I was able to provide “in the field” experiences of how to minimize conflicts.  These experiences will hopefully further develop the “new” MTT instructors for the Ride On Utah Designated Routes campaign.  As we move forward towards developing behavior change, the T.R.E.A.D program principles should be presented to those who are ambassadors of our motorized community.”

Keep an eye out for future Ride ON Utah Tread Trainer course offerings on the Tread Lightly! website!

Happy Holidays,

Tread Lightly! Education and Stewardship Program Staff

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Why Give this Tuesday?

The holiday rush is about to start! You know how it goes: you’ve shopped on Black Friday, you’ve ordered online on Cyber Monday. This year, give generously on #GivingTuesday!

What is #GivingTuesday?

A movement to create a national day of giving to kick off the giving season added to the calendar on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The second annual GivingTuesday is on December 3, 2013. In the same way that retail stores take part in Black Friday, #GivingTuesday was started as a way for the giving community to come together.

Why is Tread Lightly! a part of #GivingTuesday?

As a nonprofit organization, Tread Lightly! relies on the generosity of charitable donations to support its national education and stewardship programs. Tread Lightly! is a part of the #GivingTuesday movement to encourage charitable giving at the start of the annual holiday season.

If I give to Tread Lightly! on Tuesday, December 3rd, how will the money be used?

All donations Tread Lightly! receives on Tuesday, December 3rd will will go directly to the Poison Spider Mesa Trail Restoration for Recreation project. Poison Spider Mesa Trail is one of Moab’s premier 4WD trails. In order to ensure future access and opportunities, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is working to minimize trail conflicts by installing a system of steel cable and posts, but needs your help to make this project a reality.

#GivingTuesday is a new day for giving back. This year, be part of a national celebration of our great tradition of generosity. Make a gift today.

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