A Pack To Remember.

ImageI don’t know about you, but I am excited for spring! It’s time to finally get outside and enjoy our favorite activities! Life just begins again in the springtime. People are happier, more motivated and looking for activities to promote responsible recreation and preservation of our favorite recreation areas.

I would like to give a shout out to one group who is dedicated to enjoying the outdoors with their dogs. Happy Feet Adventure Dogs is a group of humans and their dogs looking to get the best out of the world around us. They are one pack out of a national organization called, Adventure Dogs USA. They work to promote doggie socializing while learning. The pack participates in Hiking, Walks, Fun Obstacles, Trick Training, Parades, Water Sports: Kayak, Paddleboard, Swimming, Doggie Water Rescue. Along with supporting healthy lives for their dogs, the group actively supports Rescue & Shelters at Community Events and support Parks. Happy Feet Adventure Dogs even participates in public land cleanup days, including; river, beach, trail & Waterways cleanups.

Last month, their Pack went around Lake Havasu City and placed several of Tread Lightly!’s educational posters in local libraries, bike shops, and trail heads. Members of their pack are very active in supporting Trails of all kinds and have worked with Lake Havasu City, BLM, State Parks and many Community Events and Activities on Public Trails and Pathways.

They were very creative when they thought to go to local bike shops. Not only are the owners of the bike shops active trail users but each are very active promoters of protecting and building trails. Each have donated countless hours of hard work on public lands and trails and continue to do so; as do their families and employees.

This pack has been instrumental in working with multi-users on Trails and Pathways and working to coordinate with getting donation money for Trail Markings and Signage. Their group does not fundraise. Instead, they volunteer their time and energy to working and partnering with city, BLM, state and community non-profit groups on concentrating their efforts.

The staff of Tread Lightly! would like to give a special thanks to Sue Wolfe & “Joey”, Tina Upton “Fifi” & “Hogan”, Lucy Vinsik, “Molly” & “Chico”. Judy, Bob & “Bean” Zarda, Vicki Warner, “Black Bart”, “Josephine”, Rose Kopecky & “Chloe”, MJ, Ali & “Healer”, Sandy Walters & “Dakota”, Maria, Nurya & “Onyx” Lourdes, Vanessa Irving & “Jax”. You sound like an awesome pack of very unique individuals and we love that you can have fun while dedicating yourselves to local trails and recreation areas. We hope that our posters are beneficial in keeping your local trails clean and enjoyable for everyone!

Image                                                ImageImage

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Destination: Moab

Moab, Utah just might be one of my favorite places. Red rock formations. Canyon mazes. Natural arches. The postcard-perfect desert is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts.

The Easter Jeep Safari – America’s largest and best-known event promoting recreational four wheeling – has been taking place in Moab since 1967. This year Tread Lightly! will kick off Easter Jeep Safari by hosting a Tread Trainer course on April 14th and sponsoring a trail restoration project on April 16th. If you’d like to join us for either please contact Jason@TreadLightly.org.

And if you’re able to make it to Moab this year, check out some of our favorite trails:


Gemini Bridges–Difficulty Level: Novice


Chicken Corners–Difficulty Level: Hard

Moab Rim–Difficulty Level: Very Difficult


Poison Spider Mesa–Difficulty Level: Difficult

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Dawn of the Tread

Tread Principles During a Zombie Uprising

Spring is finally in the air! This is the time of year to get a fresh start. So with that in mind, I’m going to do something a bit different than my normal hunting or fishing blog. Instead I Zombie PSAwould like to share with you the Tread Principals as it would pertain to a zombie uprising.

Travel Responsibly on designated roads, trails and areas.

  • Only travel in designated safe zones during the zombie uprising.
  • Walk in single file to avoid drawing attention to yourself during the zombie outbreak.
  • Never mix alcohol or drugs with zombie slaying.

Respect The Rights of others

  • Be considerate of other humans you may encounter while scavenging for food and supplies.
  • Leave gates as you found them. Zombies lack skills to perform complex tasks. Keeping a gate closed may save your life and the life of your friends.
  • Never shoot a zombie unless you have clearly identified the zombie, and you know what lies between you, the zombie and beyond.

Educate Yourself

  • Know your limitations. Watch your time and your energy while fighting a zombie uprising. Never take on more zombies than you can handle.
  • Make a realistic plan and stick to it. Always tell someone in your group your travel plans when traveling to unsecured locations.
  • Prepare for the unexpected by packing a backpack full of emergency items. Such as, weapons, food, water, and medical supplies.

Avoid Sensitive Areas

  • Avoid areas that are infested with the living dead.
  • Do not disturb resting zombies.
  • Minimize the use of motorized and mechanized vehicles while in zombie infested areas. Loud noises can draw zombies to your location.

Do Your Part

  • Build a safe community. Get to know other survivors that can share in your fight against the living dead.
  • Before and after a zombie fight, wash your gear, weapons and support vehicles to avoid the spread of the zombie plague.

Report any signs of zombies to your local zombie combat force.

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Tread Lightly! takes on Tierra Del Sol


This weekend, Evan and I joined thousands of off-road enthusiasts in the windy desert of Anzo-Borrego State Park in California. Every year, the Tierra Del Sol Club sees more and more supporters at their Desert Safari and Tread Lightly! was lucky enough to be part of it this year.

Despite the oncoming rainclouds, we set up our booth and met with hundreds of these enthusiasts—all hardworking people who want to have a good time and help us keep trails open. It’s great to see supporters—some who have been part of Tread Lightly! since its inception in late eighties.

We met a woman named Andie, who told us about how she decked out her Jeep in the 90s with our old logo and wanted to grab a new Imageone for her current vehicle.  We talked to Karen, a Tierra Del Sol volunteer who talked of her passion for teaching preschool-age children and grabbed some coloring books to share. We neighbored the Trasharoo booth, where the representative, Dave, told us about how we’re one of their favorite causes to support. This was definitely a crowd that knows their Tread Lightly!.

I’d like to say thanks to the Tierra Del Sol for letting us reach more of the public in the 4-wheel drive community at their event.  Sometimes all it takes is one recreation tip to remind someone that Respected Access is Open Access!


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Western Hunting and Conservation Expo


Earlier this month the Tread Lightly! education and stewardship department were promoting responsible recreation at the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo at the Salt Palace convention center downtown.

Tread Lightly! staff was a part of the Mule Deer Foundation’s youth education program on the opening day of the show, and outreach staff had the opportunity to interact with hundreds of youth to promote outdoor ethics education through the Respected Access Is Open Access campaign.  The Ride On Utah campaign was also well represented by Agency staff from the Utah Department on Natural Resources staff who worked alongside our staff at Tread Lightly! to educate the event attendees about the statewide Ride On Utah campaign promoting responsible motorized recreation across the state’s lands and waterways.

The team at Tread Lightly! looks forward to seeing you down the trail in Moab for the 2014 Easter Jeep Safari in Moab the week of April 14th – 18th!


All the best,

The Tread Lightly! Education and Stewardship team

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Give to Tread Lightly! by Shopping on Amazon

Now when you shop on Amazon.com, a portion of your purchase can help support the work of Tread Lightly!.

AmazonSmile is the same Amazon you know—same products, same prices—but 0.5% of each purchase price is donated back to Tread Lightly!. By shopping on AmazonSmile, you can help Tread Lightly! protect recreational access and opportunities every time you buy.

Shop to Support Tread Lightly!

Tread Lightly!
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No Shell Left Behind

January 25, 2014

My girlfriend and I decided to go shooting on a sunny Saturday afternoon.  We had been blessed with some nice weather for Northern ImageUtah in January and decided to go into the mountains to a local shooting area and have some fun. I grabbed all our gear, threw it in the Jeep and we started on our way.

Liz is not from Utah and has only been here a short time. The entire ride she talked about how beautiful it is here and how lucky we are to be able to enjoy such stunning views. I sometimes forget how much the mountains can affect someone and how easily the people that live here take for granted the beauty and fragility of these wild places.

As we neared our destination I showed Liz some of the places my father and I would hike in search of Chuckers or the section of the river that we would fish in the spring. In the middle of our conversation about the awesomeness of the mountains we turned a corner and there it was! The area I had planned to shoot in was a complete disaster. Shell casings littered the ground, shotgun shells stood upside down in the snow and old targets riddled the hillside.

It’s not like I haven’t seen a messy shooting area before, but the contrast of seemingly pristine habitat to local dump was a lot for me to take in. Liz and I spent the next couple hours picking up all sorts of trash from broken glass to shot up sheet metal and a lot of shells. I Imagelove to shoot, I love to hunt, I love to have these opportunities on public lands, but I’m afraid that if more people don’t do their part to make sure these areas stay clean we will lost them forever. In the end, we did what we could to leave the area better than we found it and even got to send a few shots down range ourselves.

If you know of areas that are in need of restoration or clean-ups please visit Tread Lightly!’s grant program, called “Clean ups by Quadratec.” Let Tread Lightly! help you make a difference in the places you love to ride, shoot, hunt or fish. The next grant deadline ends March 1st. Please apply and remember Respected Access is Open Access

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