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Tread Lightly!® is a national nonprofit organization with a mission to promote responsible outdoor recreation through ethics education and stewardship. The organization was launched in 1985 by the US Forest Service and became a nonprofit organization in 1990. Tread Lightly!’s educational message, along with its training and restoration initiatives, are strategically designed to instill an ethic of responsibility in a wide variety of outdoor enthusiasts and the industries that serve them. The program’s goal is to balance the needs of the people who enjoy outdoor recreation with our need to maintain a healthy environment. Tread Lightly!’s core focus is on supporting and encouraging stewardship from those engaged in outdoor recreation on America’s lands and waterways. The organization offers unique programs and services to help remedy growing recreation issues. The federal government officially recognizes the organization as a sole-source service provider of education and training on how to be environmentally and socially responsible while using motorized and mechanized vehicles.

Summer Fishing

Summer is such a great time of year. The sun is shining, the temperature is hot, and this is the perfect mixture that allows all of us who love the outdoors to go out and do the things we love. … Continue reading

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Meet our newest intern–Alexis!

The outdoors is a place that I have always called home. It’s a place where I get to escape to whenever the noise of a busy city and a busy mind starts to deplete my appreciation of the world around … Continue reading

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Outdoor Adventure Days at the Lee Kay Public Shooting Center

I am so close to graduating from the University of Utah. I just need to complete an internship and then I am done! So, I chose to, once again, intern with Tread Lightly!. This summer, I will be focusing on … Continue reading

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Minimizing Potential Fire Starts while Target Shooting

You’ve heard it in the news, this summer/wildfire season is on track to potentially be the worst season on record.  With that in mind, Tread Lightly! wants to encourage all recreationists and specifically target shooters and hunters to do their … Continue reading

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Protect Recreation Access and Opportunities by Modeling Responsible Behaviors

Dear Tread Lightly! Members, Friends and Partners, With all the news and social media activity surrounding tomorrow’s planned ATV protest ride in Utah’s Recapture Canyon, we wanted to remind you that this type of illegal activity is not in keeping with Tread … Continue reading

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Tread Lightly! takes on Poison Spider Trail

Moab, Utah is a small town in a nest of red rock. The main street hosts a slew of small restaurants, bars, and souvenir shops. It seems you can point in any direction and find some kind of hiking, mountain … Continue reading

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A Pack To Remember.

I don’t know about you, but I am excited for spring! It’s time to finally get outside and enjoy our favorite activities! Life just begins again in the springtime. People are happier, more motivated and looking for activities to promote … Continue reading

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